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The MOPITT LANCE product is processed in Near Real-Time (NRT). It is similar in format to the Level 2 TIR Retrieved CO product. You can read the User's Guide for that here. It differs from the Standard MOP02T product in two significant ways in order to provide this product with minimal latency.

In order to accomplish this, certain compromises in data quality are made relative to the Standard Products. These data products should be used for time-sensitive procedures such as atmospheric chemistry forecasts. Otherwise, we suggest users obtain MOPITT Standard Products from ASDC. The MOPITT Standard L2 product is released as a daily file. The LANCE product is processed and released as soon as possible, which is typically every ninety minutes. Granule sizes will vary.

Please contact the MOPITT program (ziskin@ucar.edu) if there are any issues that arise.

LANCE EarthData server hosted by Atmospheric Chemistry Observations & Modeling (ACOM) at NCAR/UCAR, Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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